Devine Distillates enters EnoExpo international trade show to showcase wine range

During 2016, Devine Distillates opened its commercial engagement in trade exhibitions. We used the exhibitions are an opportunity to showcase their new wine portfolio that includes our premium Prosecco created in August 2015 and distributed in the heart of the United Kingdom.

Additionally, their new Chawla brand is now present across high-end establishments in the HORECA sector. This brand was warmly received at EnoExpo, Devine is hoping to repeat the same process in Poland as in the United Kingdom sector.

The Devine Distillates group also showcased their red and white wine product portfolio, which included: Hispańiola, Speckled Red, Meloso, Perseida' Chawla D'Oro and Nolito.

The new wine packaging received a warm reception. This positive reception was followed by enquiries across the country from multiple retail chains through brand importers, wholesalers and hotel groups.