A Great Place to Work

Devine Distillates is a leading spirits business with a diverse range of product brands created for the alcohol and soft drinks markets. The Group also has brand companies within the portfolio of companies.

We are always delighted to welcome new members to join a great team of people working at Devine Distillates Group. We are interested in people that share our vision in taking our brands, thoughts, and innovations ideas into the global market.

They bring together a global operation under one roof by working together through systems and process that delivers a truly remarkable service to our customers at home and worldwide.

Working at Devine has a pleasant feeling of ownership in all levels and departments together with an approachable board of directors. Perhaps the best for all our staff is the sense of achievement when projects are completed successfully and then launched to market.

Devine Distillates is at the top flight of the industry with innovation in beers wines and spirits, taking our business and staff to every corner of the world with our brands. Devine Distillates is a great place to work. Don’t take our word for it!!! join us and see for yourself.

Why Join Us

We believe in excellence and good quality drinks products. Devine Distillates Group is committed to being a leader and champion across its brands. Our vision, focus, creativeness, represents our commitment to our customers’ drinking experience.

We have created a shared vision with our employees’ customers and supplier. Who see the Devine Distillates name becoming synonymous with providing the best products, innovation and designer brands. This is innovation in drinks is what gives us the spirits to succeed.

As an international company, we hope our vision can be something that is shared by all. Our vision needs to be realistic, achievable and compliant with our industry standards for all to enjoy our creation in producing iconic brands.

It’s what we do and who we are. This is Devine Distillates Group and this is innovation at its best.

Devine Distillates Group is a global spirit drinks business, developing innovative brands.

Our portfolio consists of:

Whiskey, Rum, Liqueurs and Gin, Wines and more with an international distribution channel.

Devine Distillates Group application process.

In order to be considered for vacant employment positions you will need to apply online, no other applications will be considered. All applications must have relevant qualification-appropriate education and or a recognised University with an excellent academic record.


Devine Distillates Group application and interview stream.

  • Application online.
  • Upload CV
  • Telephone Interview
  • Psychometric Test (Depending on Job Role and background)
  • Competency Based Questions
  • Assessment day interview.
  • Soft Skills Assessment
The application process is not overly tiresome but crucial to your success to be considered further. Think carefully when applying, as it is a compelling statement of your interest that will make your application and suitability that will take you forward.
2Telephone Interview
Providing you have meet all the criteria in the application process, we will invite you for a telephone interview the interview will take several minutes unless further discussions are needed to clarify various questions.
3Psychometric Testing
(Depending on Job Role and background)

Psychometric Testing is part of job application and must be completed for specific positions within the company. Only board positions are sometime exempt from the test, as this requires a more rigorous process for selection.

If you have been successful in the first stages you will be invited to take a Psychometric Test online which will take sometime to complete. It is essential that all questions are answered correctly and with thought on questions asked and this process is monitored and timed.

Competency Based questions. (Telephone screening)

As a candidate you will need to show you are competent in your working environment and process to carryout out tasks. We will analyse your competence with a series of questions to ensure you meet the requirements of the company in your application for a position to work within an international company.
4Assessment day interview
You will become closer to an actual offer after passing this final stage of the recruitment process. You will be expected to prepare for the interview process at this point however you will not be required to complete any other preparation.

You will be expected to complete:

  • Role Play
  • Group or individual discussion exercise
  • Second competency based discussion.
5Final Stage
Candidates who are successful will be made an offer of employment within a short period after the assessment day. We will invite you to a final interview to discuss the offer and position so that you are sure of what is expected of you in the job position we are offering.

It is essential you are fully aware of the responsibilities and ownership in your new role and at this stage you can discuss any concerns you may wish to discuss in detail.